8 Inexpensive Tech Accessories to Enhance your Life

By on February 12, 2018

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So maybe you just got back the credit cards bills you’ve been ignoring since Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And Christmas. And maybe you realized you went way overboard on spending this year. And maybe you’re slowly coming to terms with your out-of-control habits but aren’t willing to accept them quite yet. We got you, fam. These tech accessories are priced at the bottom of the barrel without sacrificing on quality or reputation. No, they aren’t gimmicky. Yes, they are useful. Yes, you’ll want them all. No, we can’t be held liable for your own personal financial crisis.

Grid-It! Organizer

This flexible little wrangler lassos up all your head phone cords, tiny tech devices, and sundry items with ease. The rubber-threaded straps grip onto your valuables with the might of a cowboy keeping them safe from getting lost in your carry-on. These things come in small, medium, large, and extra large. And when coupled with 8 seconds of planning can save you a  horse-load of time.

GripIt Organizer low cost tech device

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goStrap Smartphone Holder

Are those pop-out thingamabobs not your jam? Us either. They don’t allow the phone to lay flat, causing it to wobble. But these goStrap Smartphone Holders actually keep your phone safe in hand and on the table. Their stretchy grips make it possible for you to loop your phone around your fingers in a hands-off kind of way, making this version of the smartphone stabilizer the more practical one.

gostrap smartphone holder low cost tech gadget

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CJ Tech 3 Outlet Wall Tap

It’s not your fault you have more devices than you do outlets. Your home was probably built before we as humans ceased to function without screens. This CJ Tech version of the power strip not only allows you plug in your tablet and smartphone, but also your eReader, electric blanket and lamp. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! It also acts as a nice little cradle for that oh-so-necessary smart phone of yours.

cj tech 3 outlet wall tap low cost tech gadget

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Zeuste Charging Cable for iPhone

If there is one thing a tech-loving person can never have enough of, it’s those pesky smartphone charging cables. No matter which camp you’re in, iPhone vs. Android, there always seems to be one cable too few. This pack of three ought to solve that problem, at least for iPhone fans. Keep one by the bed, in the car, and at your office desk for optimal charging convenience.

iphone charging cables low cost tech gadgets

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Camyse Apple Watch Band

Typically, these types of off-brand products are questionable at best. But with a five-star rating on Amazon, this Apple watch band stands out from the crowd of counterfeits. The version seen here has three different color options: black, brown, and browner. They aren’t waterproof. They aren’t the real deal. And they aren’t going to break the bank.

apple watch band low cost tech gadget

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THZY Mini Car Suction Cup

For the budding Youtube vlogger in all of us, this THYZ GoPro suction mount enables you to churn out content even at highway speeds. We don’t outright endorse recording yourself while driving (eyes on the road, people) and would instead encourage you to stick this dude on your mirror for some make-up how to’s, on the side of the fridge for some excellent POV meal prepping, or perhaps even on a nearby smooth surface to live stream those Steam plays.

gopro suction cup mount low cost tech gadget

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Dotz – Reusable Cord Straps

The area behind your TV cabinet is not actually meant to look like an overgrown jungle despite your cat’s attempts to climb those electrical vines. We can’t promise that these reusable cord straps will be the tech gadget that will actually dissuade your cat from doing whatever the hell it wants. But we can promise that it will at least make it more difficult for them to yank your Xbox down off the shelf.

dotz resusable cord straps low tech gadgets

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Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Low tech is still tech when it comes to low cost and inexpensive. So while you’re working overtime to pay off all that you’ve seen here plus those #treatyoself moments of 2017 (who are we kidding, that was the entire year of 2017), keep the motivation juice flowing at piping hot temps to keep your productivity levels somewhere near luke warm.

mr coffee mug warmer low cost tech gadgets

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