Want a discount on a baby crib? Just pee on this magazine

By on January 10, 2018


IKEA may be getting a little too creative with their marketing. The furniture retailer has launched a new ad campaign that prints a pregnancy test on a page of a magazine ad. Basically, women can pee on an advertisement of a baby crib to see if they are pregnant.

If positive, a hidden discount appears on the page, thus reducing the price of the crib for the newly expectant mother. The price on the company’s Sundvik crib is essentially cut in half.

The ad is first appearing in Amelia magazine, a Swedish publication for women. If successful, it’s possible that IKEA could partner with a U.S. magazine to try the same promotion, assuming the creation of the pages with test strips isn’t cost-prohibitive.

Of course, the pee-soaked magazine page will have to be presented to an IKEA employee to get the discount; hopefully the company provides sanitary gloves.

Hilariously, this isn’t the first time a company has attempted an advertising promotion related to urine. During 2001, Animal Planet placed urine-scented advertisements on lamposts in order to attract dogs. When a dog owner stopped to let their pooch smell the lamppost, they would be exposed to a larger ad at the top of the lamppost promoting the network.

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