Shut Up and Take My Money: Bunch O Balloons

By on July 22, 2014

shut_up_and_take_my_moneyQuite possibly the greatest invention for hot, humid summers since the Coolest Cooler exploded on Kickstarter, a Texas father developed an ingenious method of filling 100 water balloons in under one minute. If you have tried to fill up a pack of water balloons at an outdoor water hose, you will immediately understand the true awesomeness that’s Bunch O Balloons.

Basically, you attach the Bunch O Balloons pack to the end of a hose, crank up the water and it immediately fills up 37 water balloons. After a few seconds, the user simply shakes the balloons over a plastic container. All 37 balloons are automatically tied off and dropped into the container. According to the creator of Bunch O Balloons, this can be repeated two more times in under a minute for a huge bucket full of at least 100 water balloons.


If you are familiar with a water balloon device called the Tie-Not featured recently on Shark Tank, this completely blows it away in terms of volume. The Tie-Not can knock about about 8 balloons in one minute, less than 10 percent of the Bunch O Balloons. This type of invention would be ideal for children’s summer birthday parties or any event where tons of children will want to chuck water balloons around the yard.

Interestingly, this Kickstarter project is focused on ramping up automated production over time for release on the mass market as opposed to actually building a product. The product is already built, tested and ready to go.

Early backers will be able to take advantage of Bunch O Balloons (via manual packing) between August and September 2014 depending on the backing level. As Bunch O Balloons grows over time, the company will likely make the product available on their site as well as retail channels. At the moment, it’s priced about $12 per pack of 100 balloons.

You can check out full details of the project here or simply watch the Kickstarter video below:

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