Amazon launches ‘The Hub,’ delivery lockers for apartments

By on July 28, 2017


Originally developed for retail locations like 7-Eleven, Amazon has announced the creation of a delivery system for apartment buildings that don’t have any secure way to store packages when delivered. Called The Hub, this set of lockers is installed at a central location of your apartment complex; ideally in an area like the lobby on the first floor.

Digitally connected to all the lockers, a touchscreen on the front of The Hub controls access. Basically, Amazon sends you a 6-digit code on your mobile device. After punching in the code, the locker holding your package will automatically unlock and open. The smallest version of The Hub is six-foot wide and has 42 compartments, although apartment building owners can purchase larger sizes as well.


It’s very similar to owning a post office box as a USPS facility, but accessible to all delivery companies. It would save time for delivery drivers as well, since they would only have to visit a single location to deliver all the packages for a building. It would curb theft as well, since packages left at the front door of apartments are often targets for thieves.

All the package compartment sizes are pre-configured and include multiple sizes for various box sizes. There’s not a specific price for The Hub, but anyone interested can forward the information to their apartment managers / owners in order to investigate.

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