Superman Outthinks Zod in How Man of Steel Should Have Ended

By on July 16, 2013

How Man of Steel Should Have Ended

As would-be blockbuster after would-be blockbuster continues to try to tackle the summer, we once again must turn a wry eye upon the only decent Superman made since, well, CDs were invented, Man of Steel.

Warning: There will be (super) spoilers.

Although it may come as shock to some, How It Should of Ended has been around since before we were subjected to Superman Returns.  And one of their earliest reimagined the original Superman to near perfection.  Well it is all come full circle now with How Man of Steel Should Have Ended.

Unsurprisingly, the somewhat controversial ending for Superman Reboots Man of Steel is reimagined a little more in line with Superman conventions, or at least How It Should Have Ended Superman conventions.

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