Star Wars Villains as Ridiculously Adorable Children

By on June 2, 2013

Developed by graphic designer Paul Petyo and available on the Etsy store Octopus Tree House, this collection of illustrations imagines how various Star Wars villains would look as young, cute kids. The series of drawings includes villains such as Darth Vader, the Emperor, Boba Fett, Jabba the Hutt, the Rancor seen in Return of the Jedi, the Wampa seen in Empire Strikes Back and a Tusken raider from A New Hope.

Within the illustrations, the characters are having fun at events like the carnival, a pool party and a birthday party. For instance, Darth is seen using a magnifying glass to set things on fire, similar to the targeted laser on the Death Star. The designer has included little inside jokes on a couple of the character’s t-shirts as well. Jabba’s shirt, for instance, includes an advertisement for the “All You Can Eat” buffet bar at a fictitious restaurant called The Sarlacc Pit.

If you are interested in purchasing a print, they are sized at 12×12 inches, priced at $20 each and available here. You can check out the full Star Wars Villains collection below:

Star Wars Villains Kids: Baby Emperor at a pool party

Baby Wampa playing with Rebel fighter action figures

Baby Boba Fett with a carbonite balloon

Baby Darth Vader setting things on fire with a magnifying glass

Baby Jabba the Hutt holding a princess Leia baloon

Baby Rancor eating chocolate candy

Baby Tuskan raider busting open a pinata

Which one of the Star Wars Villains is your favorite?

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