As Seen on the Internets: Bacon-scented iPhone Alarm Clock

By on March 7, 2014

Wake Up and Smell the Bacon

Announced on Oscar Mayer’s site, the Wake Up and Smell the Bacon alarm clock device is a small dongle that attaches to the bottom of your iPhone at the headphone jack. When connected to the Wake Up and Smell the Bacon mobile application, the alarm function will trigger a scented release from the dongle and your bedroom will be coated in a strong scent of delicious bacon.

Of course, the mixture of crushing disappointment and building rage that will ensue when you groggily realize that there’s no actual bacon for breakfast may cause you to smash your iPhone. That’s probably why Oscar Mayer isn’t planning on selling the device. They will be giving away a limited run of the bacon dongles through a promotion that ends during early April.

According to testers, the scent definitely has a smoky flavor. In addition, Oscar Mayer will be sending out a replacement refill with the dongle after the first one finally runs out. In addition to the scent, the Wake Up and Smell the Bacon mobile application plays the sound of crackling bacon grease as part of the experience.

If you are interested in the promotion, visit the Oscar Mayer’s site to enter. There’s also a ridiculous video announcing the product:

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