Humble Jumbo Bundle 9

By on September 4, 2017

Humble Bundle introduces a fair amount of cost-saving bundles monthly. Earlier this month there was the rare console bundle, but Humble Bundle focuses mainly on PC and mobile games. This latest bundle, the Humble Jumbo Bundle 9, promises a decent number of Steam titles to grab, with even more coming into the Beat the Average tier next week.

With that, let’s get right into the offerings:

$1 Tier

Flame in the Flood

Flame in the Flood is a survival game, though it isn’t as difficult as say, Don’t Starve or other games in the genre. The main draw of Flame in the Flood is working with the river and how it can save (or kill) you, and keeping your raft in good shape to sail the river.

Infested Planet

Infested Planet is a tactical RTS game, that pits you against tens of thousands of aliens. In order to survive, you’ll have to build defenses and use the Marines to take the alien threat out. Of course, this is easier said than done, as the aliens have both the advantage in numbers and other abilities that make eradicating them difficult.

Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat is a physics based puzzle game, perfect for those looking for a new puzzle game to delve into. You’re stuck in a surreal landscape, and the only way to escape is to solve the puzzles that are presented to you.

Beat the Average Tier


Verdun is a difficult, squad based multiplayer first person shooter. Set during the battle of Verdun in 1916, this game explores World War I, which isn’t as often shown in game form as World War II. It is also rather unforgiving, which makes sense given the setting.

Samorost 3

The Samorost adventure games are well-known as high quality titles, and Samorost 3 is no exception. With a funky world that’s fun to explore, Samorost 3 is sure to please–and you don’t need to play the first two games to enjoy this one, either.

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide

Includes Drachenfels DLC and Razorfang Poison Item

If you like Warhammer, then this a perfect title for you and some friends to play! Vermintide is a 4 player co-operative action title, similar to games like Left 4 Dead. The game sticks to its source material well, and offers plenty of incentive for replayability… but it’s hard to play unless you have a 4 player group set up, as the AI for computer replacements leave much to be desired.

There are more games coming, too!

$10 Tier

American Truck Simulator

Some might think a truck driving simulator is by no means a ‘good’ or ‘real’ game, but those people would be wrong! American Truck Simulator is quite a good time for those who… well, just want to drive trucks. Like Euro Truck Simulator, America Truck Simulator takes you on the highways of the US, where you’ll be able to take in the wonderful landscapes and landmarks that the country has to offer.

This is another solid bundle from Humble Bundle this month! Will you be grabbing it?

Grab the Humble Jumbo Bundle here!

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