Embrace the iMockery: 20 Hilarious Apple Watch Memes

By on March 12, 2015

Need a snappy comeback to the endless barrage of Apple Watch status updates in your Facebook feed’s future? We are here to help. We’ve gathered up 20 of our favorite Apple Watch memes that poke fun at the $350 gizmo that will supposedly replace your smartphone. Enjoy!

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Brace Yourself. The Apple Watch Memes are coming. - Game of Thrones meme

Let's both buy the Apple Watch, then we can send each other our heartbeats - overly attached girlfriend

What Is This? An iPhone for Ants?! Zoolander meme

First in Line for Buy a Watch. Mugged While leaving the Apple Store. - Bad Luck Brian meme

The Apple Watch will revolutionize the way you count the seconds until each work day is over. - fake tim cook quote 2

I need and Apple Watch? Yeah, Well, You Know, That's Like Your Opinion, Man. - The Big Lebowski meme

The Apple Watch is so cheap. It's just $30 a month  with that 22.5( APR credit card I signed up for. - dumb college kid meme

First Day with the Apple Watch. Day Two - broken screen meme

ERmegred meme

The Apple Watch is perfect for anyone  who's always wanted a watch with a battery life  of one day rather than one decade. Fake Tim Cook Quote meme 1
engagement meme apple watch

Uoi will smash the glass on your watch in a week. I guarantee it

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

The Apple Watch is a watch that can replace the iPhone that replaced your watch. fake tim cook quot 3

Insanity wolf meme - buy's the $10,000 Watch

What If I told you Apple released a $10,000 model to  get you talking about the watch

Toy story meme Tiny apps everywhere

The Price of the Watch is too damn high

Condescending Wonka meme - your parents are going to buy you a new iPhone but not the Apple Watch. Tell me more

The most intimate, personal device ever Apple watch - Christopher Walken meme pulp fiction

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