Dead or Alive, Here is the New RoboCop Movie

By on September 6, 2013

the new RoboCop

Back in 1987, the entire universe was stunned by the public disclosure of RoboCop, or as some know it, The Man Who Be a Robotized Cop Starring Peter Weller.  That 1990s powerhouse of cinema achievement and fusion of movie genres would be followed by multiple film sequels, TV series, comic books, and even video games.  Each attempt to reignite the magic of the first film struck audiences like another wound to the mighty but fallen RoboCop.

The year is now 2013. The ghosts of failed RoboCop sequels have been summoned.  There is to be a new fusion of man and machine. A new addition to law enforcement’s virtual arsenal.  A new RoboCop. Also, there will be a new ED – 209.  Both are to be featured in the new movie with new origins.

To help usher in the next-gen, modern-day Frankenstein, we have the combined credibility of Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, and one Michael Keaton.  Keaton is, of course, intimately familiar with acting while masked by a famous icon of fiction.

Originally, RoboCop fought criminals, corruption, bureaucracy, toxic-waste monsters, and the mean streets of Detroit.  He even used stairs against a giant killer whale-looking co-worker.  But this new Robocop faces a much tougher enemy: the footsteps of history.

Certainly, the legacy of RoboCop, and all that it entails, could easily fell the most well-meaning remake.  And thus, this new RoboCop’s mission  prime directives are clear.

  1. Serve the public trust by wearing the metal mantle
  2. Protect the innocent by projecting the legacy of RoboCop
  3. Uphold the law, the law of the urban jungle

And of course…


Here is the trailer:

Only 2014 will reveal the true nature and hidden directive of this new RoboCop movie, but even dead or alive, we will never forget the enduring icon that is RoboCop.

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