Calvin and Hobbes Use Superpowers to Fight Back-to-School

By on July 24, 2013

Calvin and Hobbes are Stupendous Man!

Superheroes tend to have super problems, but what about the day-to-day trials and tribulations of everyman everykid Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes? Whether it be transmogrifying, visiting Mars, or avoiding character-building, fans know Calvin’s great power is an unbridled imagination.

Still, there are those times when the back-to-school reality threatens the spirit…

Times such as Miss Wormwood’s classroom with its ever-exacting tests…

Bear witness to the rise and fall of Stupendous Man!, champion of the test-taking coping mechanism. “S” is for Stupendous! “T” is for Tiger, Ferocity of! “U” is for underwear, Red! “P” for power, incredible! “E” for excellent physique! N for…um…Something…hm, Well, I’ll come back to that… “D” for determination! “U” for… wait, how do you spell this? Is it “I”??

Calvin is Stupendous Man!.....and Flunks His Test. Calvin and Hobbes. Stupendous Man 2 Stupendous Man 3 Stupendous Man 4 Stupendous Man 5 Stupendous Man 6 Stupendous Man 7 Stupendous Man 8 Stupendous Man 9

(Calvin is Stupendous Man!…..and Flunks His Test from Best of Calvin and Hobbes)

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