• black_friday-shopping
    Black Friday Deals Have Already Started: Have You Started Shopping?

    It’s aggressive out in the world of retail, ladies and gents. Due to the shortened shopping season, retailers have been quietly pushing out Black Friday quality deals all month and it’s only going to become more intense...

    • Posted 7 years ago
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  • BLACK-FRIDAY-shoppers
    Black Friday is Dead: Welcome to Black November

    Shoppers are going to miss out on killer, Black Friday caliber deals throughout November by waiting for doorbusters. You read that title correctly. Black Friday is dead! Kaput! Finito! Don’t get us wrong, it’s still going...

    • Posted 7 years ago
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  • black-friday-crowded-target
    Let’s Face it, Shoppers Want Black Friday to Begin on Thanksgiving

    Retailers, shoppers and employees are on-board for another early start to Black Friday on Thanksgiving. Did you know there are just 25 shopping days between Black Friday and Christmas this year? That’s nearly a 20% decrease in...

    • Posted 7 years ago
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