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Apple made a few product announcements today, including the new iPad Pro 11" and 12.9" models with new Ultra Wide camera, LiDAR scanner and faster A12Z Bionic Chip.

The iPad Pro 11" is now available to order from $799 and the iPad Pro 12.9" from $999.

The new Magic Keyboard accessory with Trackpad will be available to order in May for $299 (for iPad Pro 11") and $349 (for iPad Pro 12.9"). It will be backwards compatible with the 2018 models, as well.

Some other announcements:

  • Apple MacBook Air 13.3" Laptop w/ 10th Gen Core CPU from $999
  • Apple Powerbeats Wireless Earphones (2020) for $150
  • Apple Mac Mini Desktop (2020) from $799
  • $799 retail: $799
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    Ben's cred: 4
    Posted 7:59am PDT 03/18/2020
    Posted 7:59am PDT 03/18/2020
    helluva deal. $799 Retail: $799. 😂
    Ben's cred: 6578
    Posted 8:09am PDT 03/18/2020
    Posted 8:09am PDT 03/18/2020
    It's a new release announcement. We do those from time to time based on user interest.
    Ben's cred: 159
    Posted 9:02am PDT 03/18/2020
    Posted 9:02am PDT 03/18/2020
    @Sharik, can you talk to the app developers about the punctuation issues? I think it is mainly with apostrophes, where when someone uses one, it shows an ampersand and then nothing after that. At least in Android anyway... All I see of your post is "It&"...
    Ben's cred: -184
    Posted 10:38pm PDT 03/18/2020
    Posted 10:38pm PDT 03/18/2020
    😒Really? This *punctuation* thing has been going on 4 ever. There is an incompatibility issue between the BB mobile app and the Web UI.  Character sets/code sets and translations are NOT rocket science concepts. Fire the developer and get a new one!

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