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Ben's team is committed to finding the lowest prices and best deals on the internet and earning your trust on a daily basis.

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    Our Deal Hunters Find & Post Deals

    Everything we post has been selected by our staff of expert deal hunters, who verify each deal works as advertised.

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    Browse the Hottest Deals

    Our hotness meter relies on your input. If you and users like you click on a deal for a new pair of headphones, the hotness of the deal increases. Otherwise, that meter isn't going to budge.

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    Compare Past Prices

    When we post about a specific product multiple times, we track the price history over time. We give you access to that data, so you can be confident that you're getting the best deal.

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    Never Miss A Deal

    Ben's is great for browsing (and de-stressing) but we know that not everything is an impulse buy. If there's something you want or need, you can set a deal alert for a product, category, or keyword and rely on us to bring word of the bargain straight to you.

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    A Deal Hunting Community

    Join a group of millions of the best deal hunters on the web. If you find a good bargain on the site, join the discussion! You can comment on posts to give your feedback, and send deals to your friends and family so they don’t miss out.

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About Us

Ben's Bargains began life on January 6, 2000, as Ben's DVD Bargain Center, before expanding to become Ben's Bargain Center, with a more general focus on electronics, and then simply Ben's Bargains. Yes. This site has existed for nearly twenty years.

From the beginning, Ben's has provided nothing but human-sourced and double-checked coverage of the best deals and discounts on the internet (and sometimes off) every single day of the year. No feeds, no scrapers, just dedicated human beings who know what the hell they're doing. And yes, there really was a Ben! Ben Chui started the site as a UC Berkeley sophomore, and though he's no longer a member of the staff, the original spirit of the site (and the extensive training for new editors) remains.

If you're one of the long-time users who's been swinging through every day for years, we deeply appreciate your loyalty, and intend to repay it by keeping our standards high (and our Star Wars obsession in the foreground). If you're a new visitor, we're thrilled to have you join us.

Meet Our Deal Hunters

Like the Dread Pirate Roberts, the crew carries on the tradition and spirit of Ben, who disembarked at the last port of call loaded with tales of Black Fridays past. They are:


Agent K

AgentK has been deal hunting for Ben's for over 7 years. She especially enjoys finding bargains on baby/kids' stuff, because kids ain't cheap! When she's not working on Ben's, you can usually find her geeking out over Star Wars, Rollerblading (yes, it's still a thing), or dressing up in some kind of costume.



A Human/Robot hybrid powered by electricity and Mexican food, Leo enjoys travel, meditation, good tea, and playing chess. His many accomplishments include never buying anything at retail price and dozens of participation awards, including a valiant attempt to eat a 72-ounce steak.



With over a decade at Ben's Bargains, Sharik has worked many sleepless Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays. He keeps tabs on the latest in tech and lives for the art of “code fu,” or stacking multiple coupons and codes for online deals. Sharik has also never met a Schlotzsky’s Original Sandwich he didn’t like.



VanGogh has truly made her craft of bargain-hunting a fine art. As a full time graduate student, she relies on the very same bargains she posts, whether she's keeping her wardrobe fresh or buying a birthday gift for her grandma or sister. When she's not hunting for bargains, she enjoys the finest in literature, films, TV shows, and even Broadway musicals. VanGogh is a true consumer and critic of all of life's delicacies - as long as they are marked down!



Carefully watching over Ben's Bargains for many years, BenCat and his fellow feline pals love sneaking into the deal feed to photobomb deal posts. Other favorite pastimes include napping on the desk, chasing the mouse cursor and secretly adding cat treats to the monthly Subscribe & Save order.

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