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$999 $1799

Ends 3/3. Home Depot has the EcoFlow DELTA 2 1800W Output/2700W Peak Push-Button Start Battery Solar Generator with 400W Solar Panel (DELTA2-400W) for $999 with free shipping.

$4.95 $20

Add to cart to see discounted price. Home Depot has the 20-Pack of Traeger Bucket Liners (HD0011) for $4.95 with free shipping. Fits 20 series, 22 series, 34 series grill buckets.

$120 $190

Home Depot has the FLYBAR Swurfer Swing Set with Swings and Detached Slide (Green, SW23200G) for $120 with free shipping. Holds up to 400 lbs and includes a stand-up swing, 2 belt swings, and a slide.

$120 retail: $190

$9.98 $19

Home Depot has the 24-Pack Jealous Devil Boom! Firestarters for $9.98 with free shipping. Makes a 10" flame for 20 plus minutes.

$9.98 retail: $19

$31 $97

Home Depot has the Stalwart 10' x 10' Canopy Tent (Blue, 80-14-B) for $31 with free shipping. Made of 800D Oxford fabric, has accordion style steel frame, stainless steel poles, and 4 adjustable height settings.

$31 retail: $97

$5.78 $7.85

Home Depot has the WD-40 2.5oz 3-in-ONE Lock Lube for $5.78 with free shipping.

$5.78 retail: $7.85

$13 $25

Today only! Home Depot has the Defiant 700-Lumen Floating Weatherproof Lantern (90654) on sale for $13 with free shipping. Requires six AA batteries (included). Runtime: 4 hours (high, 700 lumens), 8 hours (medium, 180 lumens), 200 hours (Low, 30 lumens).

  • 1000-Lumen model is also on sale for $12 (shorter runtime than 700-lumen model)
$13 retail: $25

$11 $21

Home Depot has the Sportman Analog Food Scale w/ Steel S-Hooks (330lbs weight limit, MS330) on sale for $11 with free shipping. Good for  outdoorsmen, taxidermists and butchers. Gambrel and hoist not included. 

$11 retail: $21