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$35 $60
  • Sold out in 45 minutes.

New price low, 41% off LEGO! eBay with vipoutlet has the LEGO Icons Wildflower Bouquet Set (10313) on sale for $35 with free shipping. Set features 16 individual stems.

$29 $50
  • Sold out in 45 minutes. 

New price low! Limited stock. eBay with vipoutlet has the 608-piece LEGO Botanical Collection Orchid Plant (10311) for $29 with free shipping. 

$29 $60

New price low! 50% off LEGO! eBay with vipoutlet has the popular LEGO 10280 Creator Expert Botanicals Collection Flower Bouquet (2021 set) on sale for $29 with free shipping. 

Contains 756 pieces (3.8 cents per brick). The stems come in a variety of lengths. As a guide, the snapdragon measures over 14".

$29 retail: $60

$14 $25

Post Valentine's Day clearance. eBay with vipoutlet has the 254-piece LEGO Customizable Heart Ornament (40638) for $14 with free shipping. 4.7 cents per brick.

$14 retail: $25

$139 $200

Limited stock! eBay with Vipoutlet has the 1872-piece LEGO 10300 Creator Expert Back to the Future Time Machine for $139 with free shipping.  7.4 cents per brick.

This LEGO set can be built in three styles, the original time machine, the Mr. Fusion version from BtoF Part II, and the Ol' West version from BtoF part III. Includes minifigs for Marty McFly and Doc Brown.

$139 retail: $200