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Ben's cred: 316
Posted 6:51am PDT 05/21/2020
Posted 6:51am PDT 05/21/2020
Great for getting rid of husband's, right Carol?
Ben's cred: 48
Posted 2:32am PDT 05/22/2020
Posted 2:32am PDT 05/22/2020
Have to say, these LEM grinders are amazing! I don't think this one has a foot switch with it but maybe I recommend that also! I butchered with my father-in-law for years with one of these (older model got direct from LEM but same power and look) and it never skipped a beat. I am kicking myself for ever getting rid of it when he passed but since we just buy the meat at the butcher shop we didnt need it.
Pretty quiet too. Worries you when you first turn it on but them it starts grinding away and before you know it you are done.