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Posted 9:11am PST 02/09/2020
Posted 9:11am PST 02/09/2020
"I LOVE YOU FOREVER" translation:
"I love you forever or until we get sick and tired of each other or one of the two of us bales after finding someone better. Either way, spending of $9.99 isn't going to leave us bickering over division of assets if separation occurs".
Given that this cheap item looks fairly tacky, I would guess that the actual return on investment hinges on whether she bases her gratitude on "it's the thought that counts" or how impressed she might be by the gift box.
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Posted 10:43am PST 02/09/2020
Posted 10:43am PST 02/09/2020
use coupon code CYBER50 in cart = $6.00 w/ free shipping