What is Newegg Premier? 10 Things You Should Know

By on September 11, 2018

Newegg Premier

Do you do a ton of shopping for tech on Newegg rather than sites like Amazon or Best Buy? Attempting to do to what Amazon did in terms of recruiting loyal consumers, Newegg is offering the perk of expedited shipping (as well as other perks) in exchange for a set fee.

Here’s everything you need to know:

How much does Newegg Premier cost?

At the moment, Newegg is offering a 30-day free trial of the service (assuming you sign up for the $50 yearly service option). This is limited to new customer signups only and breaks down to just over $4 per month. At the end of the trial period, you will be charged the full yearly fee to remain a member. This membership has an automatic renewal function, thus you will be required to sign into your Newegg.com account and cancel prior to the renewal date.

Different from other shipping programs on competing retailers, Newegg also offers options for three month and six months of the service. Three months of Newegg Premier costs $20 ($6.66 per month) and six months of the service costs $30 ($5 per month). There is no free trial option for either of these short term options.

Can I get Newegg Premier for even cheaper?

There are two ways to get a discount on Newegg Premier at the moment. If you have the Amex EveryDay credit card (or apply for one), you can get a $25 credit towards your purchase of a yearly subscription to Premier (basically a 50% discount on the service). Secondly, if you are a student with an .edu email, you can get the yearly subscription for $30.

While not active at the time of this article’s publication, Newegg has run a deal on Groupon in the past; basically offering a discount on Premier along with a credit to spend on the site. Look for that deal to potentially repeat around the holiday shopping season.

What benefits does Newegg Premier offer?

Listed here, you get free expedited shipping (3-days or sooner) on all eligible items, which are typically computer parts and other electronics that Newegg carries. You will also receive free rush processing ($3 to $4 value) as well as free returns / zero restocking fees. Newegg Premier members also have access to a dedicated customer service line as well as early alerts to sales / exclusive deals.

newegg-premierHow do I know if an item qualifies for expedited shipping?

Newegg displays the Premier logo on product pages that qualify. You can find it underneath the price on a product page.

For instance, look at the example on the right. If the logo is not present on the page and is sold by a third party, it’s not covered (but may still qualify for free, basic shipping).

How many items on Newegg.com qualify for expedited shipping?

Unknown. Newegg hasn’t released that information. Competitors that have released that info include Walmart (1 million items eligible for ShippingPass) and Amazon (30 million items eligible for Amazon Prime).

Do I have to order by a certain time to get Rush Processing?

Yes. You have to order by 12 p.m. pacific standard time in order to secure processing on the same day as the order. Otherwise, processing will likely occur the following day (assuming it’s a weekday). The only other stipulation is that your shipping address has to match your billing address.

Are there any other perks to signing up?

One. In a promotional partnership with Shutterfly, Newegg is offering a free 8×8 photo book and 50 4×6 prints from Shutterfly if you sign up prior to early September. That’s limited to new accounts only and must be redeemed prior to Halloween.

Can I share my membership with family members?

Yes. More expansive than Amazon Prime, you can share your membership with up to four friends and family members on your account. To invite someone, you simply use the ‘Manage Premier Membership‘ section of Newegg to invite friends and family using email.

Will Newegg prorate a refund of Premier if I cancel?

According to the Terms & Conditions page, it doesn’t appear so. Amazon will do this for customers that cancel Prime, basically offering a prorated refund of the months that you won’t be using Prime.

However, Newegg appears to keep your full yearly fee if you use the Premier shipping perk on just a single order (and simply allow the one-year subscription period to run out the clock). If you haven’t used it on any orders yet, Newegg will refund your entire subscription fee.

How does Newegg Premier compare to Shoprunner?

In case you were not aware, Newegg is one of the stores includes in the Shoprunner 2-day shipping program. While Shoprunner is priced at $80 per year, it includes hundreds of other stores such as Staples, Toys R Us and PetSmart. ShopRunner members also get free return shipping on items. Of course, the various other benefits of Newegg Premier (like account sharing and free rush processing) wouldn’t be included in Shoprunner’s service.

If you rarely shop at the other retailers listed on Shoprunner and shop a ton at Newegg, Premier would be a better bet in terms of perks as well as overall cost. However, consider Shoprunner if you shop frequently at more retailers than just Newegg.

Bonus tip! Be sure to check the deal feed for deals that our Ben’s team has found on Newegg.com. Signing up for the free trial could save you some money on a single order (assuming you cancel prior to the auto-renewal).

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