Welcome to Ben's Bargains! Even the most seasoned deal hunters need a little help navigating through all of our deals. If you're new to Ben's Bargains or simply haven't been here in a while, here's an overview of our Dealbox as well as an in-depth rundown on helpful tools that include Deal Filters, Price History and Deal Alerts.

1. Click the bell icon to activate a Deal Alert (requires registration). Title includes product and store information.

2. Sale price of the product in orange.

3. Hotness meter rates deals based on popularity among the community.

4. Clicking comments will let you read and post comments about the deal (requires registration).

5. Deal description includes details about the product, coupon codes, links to reviews and other important information.

6. Ben's Best medals (Silver and Gold) indicate our Editors' Picks for the top deals.

7. Amazon price with link to Amazon as well as the Retail Price of the product.

8. Clicking Price History will show previous deals on the product. Use the Report Link when the deal is no longer active.

9. Click the Green button to see the Deal!

Navigating through all the killer deals on the Ben's home page can be overwhelming, so we created filters to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Similar to Deal Alerts, we have set up simple and advanced filters to help you.

Simple Deal Filter

At the top of the deal feed, we have two tabs that help you look through the most recently posted deals (Newest) or the most popular deals (Hottest).

The Newest filter organizes deals by time of post, ideal if you are looking to get a jump on everyone else. The Hottest filter organizes deals by a number of factors that include number of clicks on the deal, number of comments left by our community and our Ben's Best editor awards.

To use either filter, simply click on either tab to reorganize the deal feed. The tab highlighted in dark blue is the active filter.

Advanced Deal Filter

Prefer to get a bit more specific when organizing the deal feed? The Advanced Deal Filter allows you to filter deals by product category, store and price point. This filter can be found above the Simple Deal Filter and can be used in conjunction with the Newest, Hottest filters.

Select the categories, stores and/or price range that you are interested in. Your selections will appear in blue bars to the right.

Click "Apply," and the home page will now display only the deals that you want to see. You can click "Clear Filters" to return to the default feed settings.

Assuming a Ben's expert deal editor has posted the product at least once before, you will see a Price History notification in the bottom left corner of the deal post. This is designed to help you understand price movement over the last several months. 

We have included symbols and colors to indicate how the newly posted price relates to the last deal post. They include:

  • - Lower Price: Green Color / Down Symbol
  • - Higher Price: Red Color / Up Symbol
  • - Equal Price: Blue Color / Equal Symbol

If you click on the Price History link, an overlay that details the last five deal posts will appear. You can also click on "See All History" to be taken to a page that lists all previous prices on the product as well as the stores that offered the deals.

Don't you just hate missing out on an awesome deal? If you are interested in a specific product, we can send you an automatic deal alert email the second that product is posted on Ben's. You can also set a specific price point for said product in order to filter those notifications even more.

Of course, you need to register for a Ben's account before setting a Deal Alert. After you register and log into your account, there are two ways to set a Deal Alert, Simple and Advanced.

Simple Deal Alert

We have set up a one-click process for you! See the little Bell icon in the top left corner of the Deal box? Click it once to turn it orange and you have set a Deal Alert for that specific product. The next time the product is posted on Ben's, you will receive an instant notification.

Don't want to receive that Deal Alert anymore? Click the Bell icon again to turn it gray and the alert is turned off. You can also turn the alert off on the Alert Manager page.

Advanced Deal Alert

With advanced Deal Alerts, you can customize your alerts by keyword and price. This could be useful if you are looking for a new tablet, but are open to several brands and want to see all the tablet deals. Or perhaps you are interested in a specific tablet, but only at $300 or under.

In order to access the Advanced Deal Alerts menu, find the "My Account" drop-down menu in the upper left corner of any page on Ben's Bargains and select "Deal Alerts." This brings you to the Alert Manager.

Using the Alert Manager, enter the keyword or keywords that you're interested in. For example, you can create an alert for "Dell Laptop" or "Puma shoes" or "Plasma."

Next, you can select a price range. Lastly, choose to receive instant alerts (recommended since the best deals expire quickly) or one daily email for all your alerts.

Click the "Create" button and you're done! You'll receive an email alert when the next deal appears with all your chosen keywords. You can also revisit the Alert Manager to turn off deal alerts, ideal after you have snagged an awesome deal on Ben's!

Happy Deal Hunting! If you have any specific questions, please direct them here