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Ben's cred: 68
Posted 9:02am PDT 10/21/2019
Posted 9:02am PDT 10/21/2019
I drink the cheapest wine in the world, straight out of a box, and I've never needed to strain it. Seriously, what kind of wine needs to be strained?
Ben's cred: 1271
Posted 10:06am PDT 10/21/2019
Posted 10:06am PDT 10/21/2019
I usually carefully pour the clear wine and leave the sediment behind, but I suppose if you can't wait...
Ben's cred: 34
Posted 9:43pm PDT 10/21/2019
Posted 9:43pm PDT 10/21/2019
This is strange. I value looking at the bottom of my glass for ‘fruit’ - what Ive understood means remnants of grape that you actually see. I’ve accepted the words of people who taught me, never researched it. But I’ve been led to believe fruit in the bottom of the glass is to be valued (?)
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