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Ben's cred: 75
Posted 4:09am PST 11/21/2019
Posted 4:09am PST 11/21/2019
It hasn't even been 5000 days.
Ben's cred: 166
Posted 2:18pm PST 11/21/2019
Posted 2:18pm PST 11/21/2019
As much as I love the albums of tool, I went to a concert that was so loud it hurt and left my ears ringing for days. The guitar in the mix was cranked so loud you couldn't hear anything but distortion.
We are talking 130db+ of 1k to 8k frequencies. What should have been cranked was the bass/drums. This is one of the few bands where those should be featured and not the vocals/guitars.
Sadly I bet the bands ears are likely half deaf now. So avoid the concerts but enjoy the music.
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Tool: Fear Inoculum Limited Edition CD Set at Amazon

Posted 11/21/2019 in Movies / TV / Music
$39 retail $45

Tool: Fear Inoculum Limited Edition CD Set at Walmart

Posted 08/07/2019 in Movies / TV / Music
$38 retail $45