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Posted 6:29am PDT 04/06/2020
Posted 6:29am PDT 04/06/2020
These just keep getting better. The snake with a 'spider tail' was super creepy.
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Posted 12:51pm PDT 04/25/2020
Posted 12:51pm PDT 04/25/2020
I find it a little frustrating - while the Sir David series are just fantastic in so many ways - cinematography, content, script, science / background research, story, locations, that appeal to young and adult alike, it seems like every set they put out omits the digital copy. Having young children who love to scratch shiny objects, I always look for box sets that have a digital copy too, so that for the moment I can use that, but one day when I have a UHD player and less exposure to destruction, use the actual 4k disc for no doubt even better quality.

I guess what I'm saying is: I would buy any Attenborough series yesterday, if I came up on special AND it had a digital copy