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Ends 2/28. Newegg has the OLIGHT I5T EOS 300 Lumens Mini LED Flashlight with Tail Switch (Black) on sale for $22 with free shipping.

$22 retail: $30
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Posted 02/26/2021 at 11:21 AM PT
Posted 02/26/2021 at 11:21 AM PT
On a related note, Thrunite has a 30% Off sale ongoing and again has their Ti2 (AAA single mode) on sale for free plus $6 S/H:


Personally on this TI2, or Olight I3E, I like to ground down the keychain nub off the tailcap to make it flat, then epoxy on a 12mm dia rare earth magnet. You can get a 10 pack of those on various sites for $2 delivered.

Unfortunately you can't do that on tiny lights with a rear clicky switch, or maybe I mean fortunately because I find small (or generic brands') rear clickies to be one of the early failure points. IMO on a AAA and "many" AA lights you are better off with a twisty (head) switch.

However, my latest budget light that I've been happiest with from a bang per buck perspective is a $16 Nichron N9... a bit large for EDC pants pocket carry, and can only use 18650 cells, but gotta luv the twisty head and strong tailcap magnet, makes it very handy for work/repair uses (can swivel anywhere between 0' and 90' for aiming), and near 1000lm is nice too though not uncommon for 18650 lights these days.


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OLIGHT I5T EOS 300 Lumens Mini LED Flashlight at Newegg

Posted 01/04/2021 in Outdoors
$22 retail $30
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