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Amazon has the Old Timer Schrade Minuteman Folding Pocket Knife (‎104OT) on sale for $8.84 with free shipping on $25+ or with Prime.

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Posted 06/06/2023 at 08:51 AM PT
Posted 06/06/2023 at 08:51 AM PT
While these are a classic as-is, it also gives you the parts to make a super-thin and lightweight gentleman's knife.

Remove both side covers and bolsters, remove the smaller blade, and any material on the liners past the 2nd pin rivet point for the spring, then grind down the pins a bit shorter before tapping back into rivet shape to hold it all together.

It helps to put a temporary coat of grease between the blade and both liners before tapping so you keep a little clearance for smooth operation later.

YMMV, I'm just telling you what can be done with the old US made version. I haven't taken a modern one apart. If the liners are very thin then you might want washers outside the liners on both sides of the pivot point for the blade, or just make new liners a bit thicker.
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Posted 06/06/2023 at 12:20 PM PT
Posted 06/06/2023 at 12:20 PM PT
^You really are MacGyver!!!