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Ben's cred: 37
Posted 8:05am PDT 10/16/2019
Posted 8:05am PDT 10/16/2019
Can't go wrong for $15. Note not 4K, but what do you want for $15.
Ben's cred: 112
Posted 11:53am PDT 10/16/2019
Posted 11:53am PDT 10/16/2019
Can't go wrong for $15.

WRONG!!! Ben had a similar deal 6-weeks ago: $50 - $35 coupon. The camera was so bad I returned it to Amazon. I ended up getting a Tenker for $29, it was a keeper.
Ben's cred: 4
Posted 10:53pm PDT 10/18/2019
Posted 10:53pm PDT 10/18/2019
Bought one of these Oaixmn action cameras and what a piece of junk. Picture quality was not 180p, more like 640x480. You could not read license plates 10 feet away. Drove by a billboard and could not read the 6 foot tall text through the camera. Everything was pixelated and fuzzy. Do not buy one of these cameras, they are a waste of money, even at $15. Ended up sending it back to Amazon.