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Posted 1:37pm PST 11/14/2019
Posted 1:37pm PST 11/14/2019

That's a good deal for torque wrench that goes up to 250 ft. lbs, and that warranty is great!
Crash And Burn
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Posted 9:06am PST 11/15/2019
Posted 9:06am PST 11/15/2019
I got a 3/4" drive one that goes to 300 ftlbs at Harbor Freight recently. Had a harmonic balancer bolt that is torqued to 300 ftlbs. It's really long and won't fit in my tool chest but when going to 300 ftlbs you'll be glad its that long. I think I paid less than this even with a drive adapter set. From what I've seen their torque wrenches are decent for the price.