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Ben's cred: 423
Posted 12:45pm PDT 03/24/2020
Posted 12:45pm PDT 03/24/2020
This should go well with the "Maury" game.
Ben's cred: 146
Posted 2:57pm PDT 03/24/2020
Posted 2:57pm PDT 03/24/2020
Be SURE you are OK with your DNA being illegally shared with the Federal acronyms (CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS, etc.) before sending yours in to ANY of these services.

A few have already admitted to just passing on your submission for the government's databases, but my guess is they ALL do it, and some of the services are actually just fronts for them to gather massive amounts of samples.

But hey, if you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. They just want to search your car and home without a warrant, and I'm sure that's OK with you.
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Posted 5:07pm PDT 03/24/2020
Posted 5:07pm PDT 03/24/2020
amazon has tinfoil on sale