$4.54 $19
Update [10/21]: Amazon's price has gone up, but Discount Bandit still has it for $4.68 with free shipping.

Temporarily out of stock but can still be ordered at discounted price. Amazon has the DEWALT DWA4209 Oscillating Titanium Metal Cutting Tool Blade for $4.54 with free shipping on $25+ or with Prime. Discount Bandit has it for a few cents more.

  • DEWALT DWA4213 Oscillating Tool Titanium Flash Cut Blade for $7.68 (or $7.92 at Discount Bandit)
  • 3-Piece DEWALT DWA4215 Oscillating Tool Blades Set for $10.17 (or $10.48 at Discount Bandit)
  • $4.54 retail: $19
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    Ben's cred: 106
    Posted 8:06am PDT 10/20/2019
    Posted 8:06am PDT 10/20/2019
    In for 2. Thanks Ben!
    Ben's cred: 66
    Posted 9:51am PDT 10/20/2019
    Posted 9:51am PDT 10/20/2019
    An oscillating tool with a good blade is what you never knew you needed until you actually use it. So many uses. I have some decent blades but I might grab one of these for tough metals.
    Ben's cred: 8
    Posted 10:46am PDT 10/20/2019
    Posted 10:46am PDT 10/20/2019
    Bad reviews on Amazon.