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Posted 11:04am PDT 03/31/2020
Posted 11:04am PDT 03/31/2020
I'm in the market for a 43" 4k monitor (not TV) and have been for a while. Not a gamer - need it for lab / engineering stuff and the PBP / PIP would be genuinely useful for my work and failing eyes.

DO NOT go the consumer TV note - for up close work - ie as a monitor I had a horrendous experience. 1. Macbook pro i7 2014 HDMI stuttering even at [email protected] & overheating
2. Ergonomics and visuals - reg TVs normally have poor off axis viewing, so when I moved my head to look at one side of the screen, the other side would rapidly become dark / unviewable.

This Dell is too new to have real reviews. The real champ at the affordable end of the 43" monitor spectrum WAS the LG 43UD79-B, which I've seen on special at Costco for $400 (but couldn't grab in time) in late 2018. That model was discontinued in late 2019 and the new version, the 43UN700 came out in Nov 2019. With USC-C now a requirement for my "God awful" 2019 i5 work macbook 13, I could have used the older or new model, but apparently the new model is brighter (useful), has HDR (not really useful), and 60W power delivery over the USB-C, so you can charge your macbook from the monitor using the single connection (Something I'd value).

Net Net - Unless the Dell proves to be FAR better than the LG, or has something you absolutely need AND you need it now, I would wait. $830 doesn't sound like a "deal" to me at all. Personally, I'm playing the waiting game - incentives are cyclical - I'm waiting now for the LG 43UN700 to go on special and then I'll pounce - if it hits $400 like it's predecessor, I think that would suit me just fine.


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Posted 6:02pm PDT 03/31/2020
Posted 6:02pm PDT 03/31/2020
Thanks for the great summary Dingo.

I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and get the Lenovo Legion 44" gaming monitor at Costco for $999. Seems like the best large format monitor for work and play under $1K.
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Posted 7:23pm PDT 03/31/2020
Posted 7:23pm PDT 03/31/2020

Ben... You should fix the incompability between the websielte and the app.... This is an annoying bug. How hard is it to fix? Not hard, I know. For the love of all that is holy, please feeeex it.