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Ends at 10PM PT. Tools.woot! has the Bio Bidet FLOW X Single Handle Motion-Activated Pull-Down Faucet (brushed nickel, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze) for $130 with free shipping for Amazon Prime members or $6 shipping.
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Posted 02/04/2021 at 07:19 AM PT
Posted 02/04/2021 at 07:19 AM PT
I had one of these for several years. Had to replace it because of corrosion. Replaced with Moen which I hope will last longer. To note the motion sensor never failed and I did not have to replace the batteries ever.
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Posted 02/04/2021 at 08:09 AM PT
Posted 02/04/2021 at 08:09 AM PT
^ I have a brushed nickel Moen that is roughly the same design, around 5 years old and have had 4 issues.

1) The hose on the sprayer head is black corrugated plastic (hidden inside the outer sheath) similar to what you'd find in gutter downspout drainage pipes or automotive wire looms but thin, and it cracks at the nozzle junction. Now I'm much more careful about bending it there.

2) The nozzle looks metal and does have an outer nickel shell but it is the thinnest metal I've ever seen, I've knicked it by hitting it with something and whatever it was, it wasn't a hard enough impact to think anything of it at the time, till I noticed the nick later.

3) It has a lifetime warranty, so hose was replaced free, didn't have to send the failed one to them, and the warranty covers the finish too, but while the nozzle and stem are brushed bare nickel, the base looks the same but is different. They have put a thick clearcoating on and that is flaking off in a hazy way similar to how clearcoated aluminum wheels look from weathering. I have never cleaned it with anything acidic or abrasive. However, there is no corrosion anywhere. The metal under it is just shinier and they had to clearcoat it to match the rest, apparently.

4) The set screw for the water lever kept coming loose. I didn't want to tighten it any more than I had been because it's tiny so I had a concern of stripping the threads, so had to get some threadlock to secure it in place.

I'm sure some of these issues are present on other faucets and at least Moen does honor their warranty without much ha.ssle so you can get parts unlike some generic Chinese faucets. IIRC I just used their web contact form with a description of the problem and uploaded the purchase receipt.

Edit: I called mine nickel above and it clearly is intended to be their alternative in a brushed nickel look in their Haysfield style, but they call it "spot resist stainless".