$0.89 $4

Price/listing mistake...add the cart to see the discount. Target has Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner for $0.95. Add four boxes to cart to reach $3.80 - $2.91 off in cart = $0.89 with free same-day in-store pickup. It's clearly supposed to be $0.89 each when you buy four, but it's currently giving you four for $0.89. 

$0.89 retail: $4
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Posted 1:55pm PST 01/05/2020
Posted 1:55pm PST 01/05/2020

I think this is now fixed. "Deal" aka price mistake now dead. Funny, their tagline is "expect more, pay less" *l o l* :D
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Posted 2:09pm PST 01/05/2020
Posted 2:09pm PST 01/05/2020
They canceled my order.
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Posted 2:29pm PST 01/05/2020
Posted 2:29pm PST 01/05/2020
Flavor of store brand Mac n cheese is almost indistinguishable from kraft brand. Blind side-by-side test proves it... Great Value and Kraft = good example of this concept. Mac n cheese is cheap anyway.