• The-Do-Over
    What’s new in May on Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Now

    Interested in what movies and television shows will be added to your favorite streaming service in May 2016? We’ve compiled an extensive list of everything coming and going on Netflix and HBO Now as well as what’s arriving...

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  • Watch-Netflix
    Price Hike Alert: Netflix jumps to $10-per-month for everyone in May

    In case you are one of the 17 million Netflix accounts that has been grandfathered in at the $8-per-month price for the last two years, the streaming video company will be raising your rate next month to $10-per-month....

    • Posted 2 months ago
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  • starz-streaming
    Starz rolls out cheapest streaming service; less than HBO, Showtime

    Attempting to take on HBO Now as well as Showtime’s streaming service, Starz has launched a standalone option for accessing original programming as well as movies licensed to the network. Pricing the service at $8.99 per month,...

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  • Vizio M43-C1 main
    Vizio M43-C1 4K HDTV Review: Performance on a Budget

    Vizio’s been successfully making budget TVs for years, but recently they’ve targeted more discriminating buyers by adding features like Ultra HD (4K), full array LEDs, local dimming, and even HDR (coming soon in their posh Reference Series). This...

    • Posted 7 months ago
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  • roku-4-top-shot
    Roku 4 vs. Fire TV vs. Apple TV: 2015 Streaming Showdown

    Every time one of these media boxes is announced, I’m always reminded of that little Irving Berlin ditty Anything You Can Do. First, the Apple TV was announced in early September, Apple’s first revision of the hardware...

    • Posted 8 months ago
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  • chromecast-2015-vs-original-standing
    Google Chromecast 2015 Review: A Need for Speed

    Announced just yesterday, the 2015 version of the Google Chromecast offers up both a revision in design as well as upgraded internal hardware for a faster generation of mobile devices. Specifically, Google has upgraded the original’s 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi to 802.11ac Wi-Fi....

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  • chromecast-line
    Shut Up and Take My Money: The New Chromecast Devices

    Announced today at Google’s Nexus press conference, the new Chromecast is a revision of the original model that offers up a faster Wi-Fi connection (5GHz 802.11ac) as well as data pre-fetching (basically loading content about movies / TV shows as soon as you...

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  • firetvstick-remote-landscape
    Shut Up and Take My Money: FireTV HDMI Stick

    After Google carved out a new market segment in the home theater space with the Chromecast, the rest of the industry has rushed to create similar devices for anyone that was interested in easily converting any Internet-challenged...

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  • Sad Keanu hopes Chromecast will improve
    Google Chromecast Review: Simply Streaming

    Just yesterday, Google announced the Chromecast HDMI dongle; a compact solution for streaming movies, television shows, YouTube videos, photos and basically anything you are browsing within Google Chrome to the main television screen in your home. While...

    • Posted 3 years ago
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  • netflix_marathon_thumb
    Protip: How to Train for a (Netflix) Marathon

    Isn’t Netflix great?  It may just possibly be the greatest equalizer for watching TV since the advent of the VCR (or Betamax for a less successful example.)  The thing about Netflix is that like any enthusiast hobby,...

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  • roku-3-review-feature-slide
    Roku 3 Review

    Popular with consumers who have ditched expensive cable and cut the cord, Roku hardware has long offered access to many popular streaming video applications for a fairly low cost. Released during March 2013, the new Roku 3...

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