• star-wars-may-the-fourth-be-with-you-party
    How to Pull Off an Impromptu ‘May the Fourth Be With You’ Party

    Happy May the Fourth, otherwise known as Star Wars Day! Every night is a great night for a Star Wars marathon in my book, but tonight it’s kind of mandatory. However, there’s no need to worry if...

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  • star-wars-bb-8-toy-plants
    BB-8 will now watch, react to The Force Awakens as you watch

    Rolled out as a new feature this week in a free update, Sphero’s BB-8 replica Star Wars droid has the ability to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens along with you and react to what’s happening on the...

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  • Star-Wars-Death-Star-BBQ-The-Fowndry_grande
    Shut Up and Take My Money: Star Wars Death Star BBQ Grill

    Quite possibly the greatest BBQ grill to ever be created in the history of time, TheFowndry has opened up preorders for an officially licensed outdoor grill that’s in the shape of the Death Star. Capable of incinerating any slab...

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  • The Force Awakens
    Star Wars The Force Awakens Review: Total Recall

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the movie that Star Wars fans have been waiting 16 32 years for. Fans waited 16 years for The Phantom Menace, only to be bitterly disappointed, and now 16 years after...

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  • force-awakens-line
    Everything you need to wait in line for the new Star Wars movie

    Not surprisingly, there are already Star Wars fans lining up for The Force Awakens in big cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. If you are as excited as we are for the new movie, we’ve put together...

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  • Yoda Christmas Card Front
    The Force is Strong with these Star Wars Christmas Cards

    Ever wondered what Jabba the Hut would look like in a Santa hat and red scarf? What about Chewbacca sporting a set of large antlers and a bulbous red nose? How would the Mos Eisley Cantina look all decked...

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  • Star Wars Battlefront
    2015 Gift Guide: Best Video Games of the Holiday Season

    Buying video games for another person can be intimidating. They say they like one thing, but that one thing is violent and scary, and this person is only eight years old. And then there are the music...

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  • devon-works-star-wars-watch
    Five Ridiculously Overpriced Star Wars Toys / Collectibles

    Of course, there’s one thing that Disney knows quite a bit about: overcharging customers. Here’s a batch of toys and collectibles that you should absolutely avoid, unless you like using stacks of one hundred dollar bills for...

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  • kotor-2-upgrade
    Ready Your VR Lightsaber: The 10 Best Star Wars Video Games

    There’s no better medium than video games to step into the role of your favorite hero or villain from the Star Wars saga. Check out some of our best picks for Star Wars video games in 2015:...

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  • star-wars-monopoly
    Pass Go, Collect 200 Galactic Credits: 10 Best Star Wars Board Games

    Some announcements dropping on Force Friday, there’s an entirely new batch of board games that are taking advantage of the characters in The Force Awakens. Check out some of our favorites, which includes some classic games as well: Star...

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  • chewie-messenger-bag
    5 Superb Gifts for Someone Brand New to Star Wars

    Do you have a friend who just woke up from a 40-year coma? Are you trying to convert your significant other into a Star Wars fan before The Force Awakens comes out? We can help! Star Wars Complete...

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  • star-wars-lightsaber-chopsticks
    R2-D2 Approved: The 10 Best Star Wars Tech Gadgets

    One of the great things about the new Star Wars films is that the consumer electronics industry is much more adept at building awesome tech than they were 35 years ago. The Sphero BB-8 is a fine example,...

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