• playstation-4-remote-play
    Freebie Alert: PS4 gets Remote Play soon (Play on your PC)

    Launching in the 3.5 PlayStation software update this week, Sony PlayStation 4 owners will be able to stream video games from their gaming console to a Windows or Mac computer. Already available on the Xbox One (limited to...

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  • HyperX-Cloud
    2015 Gift Guide: Video Game Hardware & Accessories

    While Sony and Microsoft continue to battle in the retail space, that competition has created plenty of options that will delight gamers this year. This guide will dive into video game hardware as well as some accessories to enhance...

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  • Battlefield-31
    Deals of the Week (May 30): Deals in Bloom

    This week at Ben’s Bargains, we saw a few Father’s Day-related deals in the way of tools, apparel and manly accoutrements like, you know, electric shavers. Plus, the PlayStation 4 hit an all-time low of $360 for...

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  • Sad Keanu PS4 Rating
    PlayStation 4 Review: Did Sony Stumble at the Starting Line?

    It’s finally arrived! After months of waiting, gamers are cracking open PlayStation 4 boxes and booting up their new consoles. After testing the new hardware for a short period ourselves, here’s our impressions of Sony’s new offering...

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  • PS Vita TV Closeup
    Shut Up And Take My Money: PS Vita TV

    Announced earlier today in Japan at Sony’s pre-TGS press conference, Sony plans on launching a new set-top box that plays PS Vita games without actually owning the Vita. Approximately the same size as a deck of cards, the PS...

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  • Xbox One Versus the PS4
    Xbox One hits stores November 22, Sony PS4 on Nov 15

    Earlier today, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will hit store shelves one week before Black Friday on Friday November 22, with a price tag of $499.99. Specifications for the Xbox One have been finalized at last,...

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  • ps4-versus-xbox-one
    Next Gen Gaming Glut: Launch Titles, Price Drops and Release Dates

    If you have been disconnected from the Internet today or simply busy working, you may have missed all the news out of the Gamescom 2013 conference. No worries, here’s a recap of the gaming glut of today’s announcements....

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  • Master Chief is back
    25 Reaction Memes to Microsoft’s DRM 180 on the Xbox One

    After the news broke earlier today regarding Microsoft’s major policy shift on DRM on the Xbox One, the response from the gaming community ranged from elation to disgust to complete confusion. One piece of late breaking news,...

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  • xbox-180
    Microsoft pulls an Xbox 180, cancels plans for DRM, online check-in

    Noted first by Giant Bomb today and confirmed by an official post on the Xbox Wire as well as Major Nelson, Microsoft is completely reversing all planned policies regarding online verification, restrictions on the selling and purchasing...

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  • From the David Fincher trailer for Halo 4
    Revealed!! Why Video Games are So Expensive

    Why do we have to pay $60 for a new video game? It seems ridiculous. And don’t get started on downloadable content (DLC) and add-ons which can raise the total price of a game to $80 or...

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  • PlayStation 4
    Shut Up and Take My Money: Sony PlayStation 4

    I have no allegiances to a specific console manufacturer. If anything, I’ve been addicted to the Xbox 360 for years; my gamerscore is evidence of that. My time with the PlayStation 3 has been relatively short, just...

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