• The Ridiculous 6 Netflix in December
    Every TV Show and Movie Coming to Netflix in December 2015

    If you’ve managed to blast through Jessica Jones since its release on Netflix last month and you’re looking for yet another reason to validate that subscription, the streaming company has a announced a December slate of releases to challenge...

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  • Vizio M43-C1 main
    Vizio M43-C1 4K HDTV Review: Performance on a Budget

    Vizio’s been successfully making budget TVs for years, but recently they’ve targeted more discriminating buyers by adding features like Ultra HD (4K), full array LEDs, local dimming, and even HDR (coming soon in their posh Reference Series). This...

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  • Netflix's Jessica Jones Netflix November 2015
    Every New TV Show and Movie Coming to Netflix November 2015

    November is the month before the final month of the year, so there’s that. As Netflix transitions away from borrowed content into a bright, exclusive future, certain times of the year will fall victim. Let us not...

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  • The Flash Season 1 Netflix October 2015
    Every New TV Show and Movie on Netflix October 2015

    This is the part where I say, “it’s that time of month again,” referring to some vague trend I picked up while perusing the list myself. Only, this time, I’m a week late, so I don’t get...

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  • chromecast-2015-vs-original-standing
    Google Chromecast 2015 Review: A Need for Speed

    Announced just yesterday, the 2015 version of the Google Chromecast offers up both a revision in design as well as upgraded internal hardware for a faster generation of mobile devices. Specifically, Google has upgraded the original’s 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi to 802.11ac Wi-Fi....

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  • Rambo First Blood Netflix in September 2015
    Every New TV Show and Movie Coming to Netflix in September 2015

    It’s been a bit of a dry summer for Netflix, strangely mirroring the antiquated scheduling of traditional TV. Do people even go outside anymore? Is there an outside anymore? In any case, September brings with it a...

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  • Lord of War Poster Netflix August 2015
    Everything Coming to Netflix August 2015

    The heat of August will set upon us soon, and with it the desire to stay indoors, waist immense amount of dollars on air conditioning and resent the sun for existing. Of course, it’s a certain streaming...

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  • Wet Hot American Summer First Day of Camp Netflix in July 2015
    New to Netflix in July 2015: Summer Camp Drought

    I’m going to dispel any misguided enthusiasm here. Yes, there are a couple of things to get excited about for Netflix in July 2015, but really it’s a crap month the victim of a far superior previous...

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  • Sun Capheus Sense8
    Sense8: About the Wachowskis and the Conceit of Plot

    (Sense8 comprises 12 episodes, each clocking in at around an hour, all of which debuted on Netflix on June 5) Sense8 is a difficult show, not because it’s hard to understand, and not because there are six...

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  • Netflix ads Daredevil
    Fret Not, Those Netflix Ads are Just a Test (For Now)

    You might have noticed some quipping about ads showing up before Netflix content in the past week or so. You might even be one of the unlucky few subject to the testing grounds of one of Netflix’s...

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  • Nightcrawler Netflix
    Every Movie and TV Show Coming to Netflix in June 2015

    The land of Netflix was a dry and infertile one in May but, luckily and unlike California, droughts don’t last. June is looking like a month much easier to digest for the people with far too little...

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  • Sense8 Screenshot
    Finally Get a Look At The Wachowski Siblings’ Netflix Show, Sense8

    If there’s been any development out of the Netflix camp in desperate need of extreme clarification, it’s Sense8. The globe-jumping sci-fi show from the Wachowski siblings is due for premiere in June, and now Netflix has finally released a...

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