• Badass-Star-Wars-Wallpaper
    75 of the Best Star Wars Toys & Gifts in the Galaxy

    Looking for an awesome Star Wars toy for kids just getting into the series? How about Star Wars toys for the 40+ year old who wants to remember what it was like to be a 10-year-old when Star...

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  • Kid Vader
    15 of the Cutest Darth Vaders You’ll Find in This Galaxy

    Releasing in just a couple months with J.J. Abrams at the helm, Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens is definitely going to be an epic sequel for fans of the Star Wars universe. However, it’s going to be...

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  • Stormtrooper Square Enix Figure Star Wars
    Stormtrooper, code name ‘Come At Me Bro’, reporting for duty

    It’s easy to look past the Stormtroopers of the Star Wars universe with your nose tipped up, an expectation of buffoonery and inadequacy brimming from your nostrils. They’re essentially space lemmings, even worse so than the droids due to...

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  • Breaking in the tauntaun
    20 Amazing Movie Quality Star Wars Stills Using LEGOs

    Created by Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimäki, this collection of photographs combines the worlds of Star Wars and Indiana Jones with LEGO characters as well as a ton of creative staging. In order to create many of the scenes...

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  • Yoda
    15 Gorgeous Minimalist Star Wars Character Posters

    Created by Lucas Abl of Rio de Janeiro, this collection of illustrations depicts a variety of popular Star Wars characters from the original trilogy and more recent films in a distinct minimalist style. Characters included within this set...

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  • Star Wars Villains Kids: Baby Emperor at a pool party
    Star Wars Villains as Ridiculously Adorable Children

    Developed by graphic designer Paul Petyo and available on the Etsy store Octopus Tree House, this collection of illustrations imagines how various Star Wars villains would look as young, cute kids. The series of drawings includes villains...

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  • Jabba the Hutt Pizza Hut mashup
    Popular Brands Combined with Star Wars Characters, Factions

    Created by illustrator Barn Bococks of New Zealand, this collection of illustrations combines popular Star Wars collections and groups with extremely recognizable brands. For instance, Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan has been altered to “Do Or Do Not”...

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  • Lego-X-wing-versus-man
    5 million+ brick LEGO X-Wing fighter lands in the Big Apple

    Comprised of over five million LEGO bricks, a full 1:1 scale model of Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing fighter has been constructed by a 32-person team headed up by “LEGO Master Builder” Erik Varszegi. On display in Times Square, the...

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  • LEGO stormtrooper giving out free hugs
    13 Amusing Photos of LEGO Star Wars Characters

    The combination of Star Wars characters and LEGOs is definitely a popular mixture. Just look at the wildly popular LEGO Death Star set, a 3,800 piece behemoth that likely takes hours upon hours to complete. Or perhaps...

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  • Darth-Vader-The-Power-Return-Of-The-Jedi
    Star Wars Characters Built with Typography

    Check out some of the ridiculously awesome designs created by Pete Ware at his 17th and Oak store on Etsy. Ware takes a popular line from a movie and molds the character that spoke that line out...

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