• Cats Continue to Dominate the Internet with "The Friskies" 2013
    Cats Continue to Dominate the Internet with ‘The Friskies’ 2013

    As any savvy Internet user already knows, the Web’s incredible multimedia capabilities are mainly utilized for the photographic capture of cats doing funny, crazy, and often quite ridiculous things.  Purina, a major manufacturer of pet foods, knows...

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  • Colonel Meow
    Colonel Meow Is Not Pleased

    “Earth Day?” hisses Colonel Meow. “You mean Colonel Meow Day!” Watch out Henri the Cat and Grumpy Cat! Your influence is on the wane! Colonel Meow is the Angriest Cat on the Internet™. In a few short...

    • Posted 3 years ago
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  • Grumpy Cat plushie
    Grumpy Cat the Plushie

    As if you couldn’t get enough of Tard the Grumpy Cat, now you can snuggle up with her and have her silently judge everything you do in plushie form. FizziMizzi from Etsy handmade this creation and it can be...

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