• The Killing Joke 1
    Finally, The Killing Joke Movie We Deserve AND Need

    In 1988, one of the greatest comic book writers of all time penned the origin story of one of the most popular villains of all time in a graphic novel vignette from one of the most popular...

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  • Batman v Superman
    Everything You Need to Know about Batman v Superman

    For decades, perhaps even centuries, comic-book fans have gathered around dimly-lit basements to discuss the unanswerable questions. For them, the standard ones like “What is the sound of one-hand clapping,” or “If a tree falls in the...

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  • Shooting as Iron Man
    Superhero Kids: The Power of a Little Imagination

    Created by digital artist Andy Fairhurst, this collection of silhouette illustrations captures how imaginative kids can be with the help of a few household items and the great outdoors. Dressing up as their favorite superheroes (and villains), these illustrated...

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  • Batman: Arkham Knight POP Figure
    Batman: Arkham Knight Funko POP! Figures Exude Appropriate Righteousness

    Funko revealed a quartet of POP! Vinyl figures today drawn from the recently released Batman: Arkham Knight. Though the existence of such figures isn’t surprising – the series has inspired more than a few figures in the past –...

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  • f4236db2d07591e0b830d34cf2951d01_1920_KR
    This Variant Batman Figure Absolutely Needs His Own Movie

    Did your eyes roll when you saw Ben Affleck’s batsuit? So serious, so bland – not unlike an unhealthy majority of Affleck’s starring roles. Not unlike Zack Snyder’s general understanding of scene-setting and teenage fantasy cinematography. If...

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  • Darth Maul from Episode 1
    18 of Pop Culture’s Most Famous Baldies of All Time

    Developed by London-based illustrator Mr. Peruca, this collection of “Notorious Baldies” illustrations offers up one of the best collections of famous pop culture characters that also happen to be bald or going bald. Characters within the collection...

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  • Hearthstone Soap
    8 Geeky Soaps That Will Bring Some Fun into the Bathroom

    One of the worst geek stereotypes is that hygiene often is ignored.  But now that the world is coming around to accept the superiority of the geek and the door is open for the Debonair Dweeb, it’s easy...

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  • Joker Shark
    Batman Villains Turned into Sharks… They’re Aquaman’s Problem Now

    How pandering is it that artists think they can just pump out picture after picture of our beloved comic book characters with some quirky twist… like for example reinterpreting them as sharks… and then expect us to...

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  • Ghostbusters Ghost Trap
    7 Fantastic Movie Replicas You Can Actually Buy

    Jealous of the shopping options of fictional characters? We can relate. After all, if we could shop Amazon for the magical items that turn normal people into heroes, we wouldn’t need to watch movies, would we? But...

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  • cost-of-being-batman
    Infographic: The Cost of Being Batman

    Despite sounding like the title of Ben Affleck’s 2018 biography, The Cost of Being Batman is in fact a fairly accurate infographic of how much the caped crusader would have shelled out for his crime-fighting technology. Assembled...

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  • Star Wars Vanilla Lunch Box
    15 Killer Lunchboxes for Kids Heading Back to School

    Just wow: while many might say that the heyday of lunchboxes was some decades ago, there’s no doubt that the choices kids (and parents) have today tops all previous times.  The likely reason for this smorgasbord?  The...

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  • Affleck and Robin
    20 of the Best Reactions & Memes to Ben Affleck as Batman

    We now live in a world where Ben Affleck is Batman. NerdRage, Engage! The web has been abuzz with this news over the last day, mostly angry comments on movie blogs and mocking memes on social networks like...

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