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    The Deal Dozen: Week of August 15, 2014

    Welcome to “The Deal Dozen,” where we showcase the 12 best and most popular deals of the week on Ben’s Bargains. These are the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the deals you’d take...

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    Deals of the Week (June 27): New Deals, Please

    With summer now officially underway (and of course the World Cup and Wimbledon), we saw some a good number of deals on home/outdoor products as well as apparel and shoes this week, plus a great but short-lived sale...

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    Shut Up and Take My Money: New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer

    Blasting through a funding goal of $375,000 as of today, a company called New Matter will be building an end-to-end 3D printer for consumers that will allow people to share designs with others. While 3D printers are definitely...

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    9 Best Uses of a 3D Printer (So Far)

    The 3D printer is, like, the coolest thing ever. Really. 3D printers are controversial, too, which naturally ratchets up their coolness vibe. Yes, they can make real guns (Brazilians love it), but they still can’t make building bricks...

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