10 Pieces of Safe and Stylish Bike Gear

By on May 5, 2015

Safety doesn’t always translate into looking cool, but since being alive is way more awesome than the alternative, I try and act responsibly when riding my bike around town — even if my helmet totally clashes with my outfit. Thankfully, there are a lot of really amazing accessories out right now for nighttime riding to make me and my bike look superfly. (Though using the phrase “superfly” might negate any coolness points gained by my awesome reflective style.) Here’s a short list of 10 amazing pieces of glowing, shiny gear for you or your bike. Stay safe out there this summer!

1. Dargelos (Adeline Adeline, $138)

A lightweight reflective mesh vest that sort of looks like modern chainmail. I’m thinking there’s an epic Halloween costume in here somewhere.


2. Bike Wrappers (Bike Wrappers, $45)

Simple velcro wrappers go over the frame of your bike. They’re super reflective at night, but during the day they just give your bike a punch of personality with a wide variety of designs to choose from including stripes, polkadots, flowers, and a bevy of colors.


3. Racing Bicycle Tee (RelaxReflect, $56)

If this is too meta for you, there are plenty of other tees and athletic apparel with extremely reflective graphics. (My favorite are the running tights that say BADASS down the leg.)


4. Helmet Bow (Adeline Adeline, $16)

Heightens awareness of your adorableness. Available in six colors.


5. The Zulu (PureFix Cycles, $399)

If simply adding something reflective to your bike isn’t good enough, and entire glowing bike might satisfy your need for visibility.


6. Reflective Moustaches (RydeSafe, $4)

Perfect for your fixie, you dirty hipster.


7. Sash-Ay Scarf (Vespertine, $91)

Worn either as a scarf or a sash, a la Miss America, the horizontal stripes in this scarf/sash (scash?) reflect light in a très chic way.



8. Lflect Hat / Helmet Cover (Lost Values, $89)

Knit with reflective yarn and large enough to fit over a helmet, this beanie can be worn day or  night to keep you warm and visible. No helmet law in your state? At least protect your noggin with this slouchy reflective cap.


9. Monroe Reflective Penny Loafers (Cole Haan, $119)

Sorry, fellas. Only the ladies can rock these colorful, reflective penny loafers. Though, if you’ve got small feet, they’re probably worth trying on – a Nike Air sole makes ’em super comfy and there are eight colors (including understated black and grey) to choose from.

cole-haan bike gear

10. BikeGlow (BikeGlow, $25)

This colorful glowing strand runs on two AA batteries and keeps your bike visible and the vibe mellow – just like your college dorm room. Available in eight groovy colors.

bikeglow bike gear

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