10 Ridiculous Vinyl Covers For Your Record Collection

By on August 31, 2013

Being from Minneapolis, recently crowned Most Hipster City in the US, I’ve done what any good hipster would do and gotten into vinyl records. Most of the records I’ve acquired over the last couple of years have come from Goodwill, garage sales, or from friends’ parents who are more than happy to get rid of boxes of old records collecting dust in their basement. It’s been a lot of fun discovering old artists, being forced to actually listen to albums all the way through, and hearing those crackling sounds you just can’t get on Spotify.

But perhaps the most fun of all has been seeing all the hilarious album covers, most coming from the 70’s and 80’s. There are many “funniest album cover lists” out there, and I won’t even attempt to include them all here, but here are 10 of the more ridiculous/entertaining covers I’ve recently come across.

Stevie Wonder, Talking Book (1972)

Talking Book not only had great songs like You are the Sunshine of My Life and Superstition, but gave the world this amazing album cover, featuring a pensive Stevie playing in the dirt. Emo before it was a thing.

Stevie Wonder - Talking Book Vinyl Cover

Electric Light Orchestra, On the Third Day (1973)

On first glance this one looks like your standard 70’s band photo. But then you look closer and notice these guys are all exposing their belly buttons and it’s like “wait, what?”

Electric Light Orchestra - On the Third Day

Meat Loaf, Bat Out of Hell (1977)

It’s Meat Loaf and the title is Bat Out of Hell, so you expect it’s going to be all sorts of ridiculous. And Meat Loaf definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell

Even more ridiculous? The back of the album:


The Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers (1971)

The best part of this cover is hard to see from a picture: the actual, working zipper on (presumably) Mick Jagger’s ultra tight jeans; pulling down the zipper reveals a pair of whitey-tighties. Naturally, the back of the album features his butt.

The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers Vinyl Cover

Village People, Go West (1979)

There is just so much ridiculousness going on here I don’t even know where to start: the Indian chief wearing a traditional headdress while sipping on a pina colada? The random horses in the background? All the hawaiian shirts?

Village People - Go West Vinyl Cover

Raffi, Raffi’s Christmas Album (1983)

I remember having this cassette as a kid and not thinking it was weird or creepy at all…

Raffi Christmas Album

Kiss, Lick it Up (1983)

What’s weirder than a bunch of grown men wearing ridiculous face makeup? Those same guys not wearing any makeup, apparently.

Kiss Lick It Up Vinyl Cover

The Billy Cobham-George Duke Band, Live On Tour in Europe (1976)

Here’s a record I bought soley for the awesome cover art (and ended up enjoying for the music). Seemed only right to give George Duke a shout out as he just passed away a couple weeks ago.

The Billy Cobham-George Duke Band, Live On Tour in Europe

Herbie Mann, Push Push (1971)

Here’s another great cover by a lesser-known artist. You can frequently find this gem in the bargain bin at the local used record store. Just a naked man and his flute.

Herbie Mann, Push Push

Isaac Hayes, Juicy Fruit (Disco Freak) (1976)

No explanation needed.

Isaac Hayes, Juicy Fruit

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