Why The Driver Uses Deal Alerts

By on April 16, 2013


In the movie Drive, The Driver (Ryan Gosling) is a Hollywood stuntman by day and a getaway driver by night. He’s a pretty cool dude. He’s also very busy.

The Driver likes to stock up on toothpicks, racing gloves and spare scorpion jackets, but he simply doesn’t have the time to watch for sales on the web.

That’s why busy people need Ben’s Bargains Deal Alerts. With Deal Alerts, an email is sent directly to your inbox the moment the deal you’re looking for appears on Ben’s. BOOM! Just like that. Then you can get back to being cool.

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I'm the senior editor of The CheckOut. I am an aficionado of shiny gadgets and classic Hollywood movies and can also tell you the names of the late '80s Swedish Davis Cup team members.

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