Rare BioShock Audio Diary Hits eBay

By on March 29, 2013

Bioshock audio diary

Listed on eBay this week, an extremely rare Bioshock audio diary went up for sale likely timed with the release of the popular Bioshock Infinite. Only four of these devices were distributed by the developers of the Bioshock series and required participation in an elaborate, puzzle “There’s Something In The Sea” alternate reality game. By sending letters to the mailing addresses listed on the game site, players would receive packages delivered by men dressed in 1950’s uniforms.

audio diaryHowever, four players were given a telegraph and a letter listing a nearby location to visit as well as a time and a date. When the player arrived at the storage facility, they were greeted by an actor that quizzed them on a secondary puzzle that was included.

Assuming they were able to answer all questions correctly, they were able to listen to an actual audio diary modeled after the diaries within Bioshock and Bioshock 2. While not all players were able to keep the audio diary, the eBay seller had driven for ten hours to get to the storage facility and the 2K games rep allowed him to keep the working model.

According to the details of the auction, the eBay seller put up the rare Bioshock audio dairy for sale to help with some financial issues. At this time, the auction value has increased to $2,600 and will end in approximately two days. You can listen to the recording on the diary below:

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