Deals of the Week: Friday the 13th Holiday Edition

By on December 13, 2013

nightmare-before-christmas-stopped-franchisesThere’s realistically less than a week left to get your Christmas shopping done online. After that, you’re left to crazy-expensive express shipping and/or doing in-store pickup at Walmart (you were warned).

The deals this week were great — and while not at the same high level as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they were still among the best of the year and give hope to all you procrastinators out there (yours truly included).

Judging by this week’s increased availability, expect to see more of the Xbox One in stock at stores like Best Buy and Amazon, as well as the currently hard-to-find PlayStation 4. Just don’t expect to find any deals on either of those sought-after gaming consoles.

Before we get to the best deals of the week that are still with us, let us reflect a moment on the superstars that have come and gone. Don’t forget to set up deal alerts on Ben’s Bargains so you don’t miss out on deals like these!


Here are the still-valid deals of the week on Ben’s Bargains, organized by category (prices include shipping):





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