It’s A Small World After All: Hydrant World Art

By on July 3, 2013

Hydrant Planet 0

No, this isn’t a brochure from the future where you choose what planet you want to live on or a Civ V map generator. They are planets created by artist Adam Kennedy from the tops of rusty fire hydrants.

Scouring all of San Francisco for the rustiest of hydrants,  Adam also has an Indiegogo campaign to help fund his creative endeavors.  Adam has me wondering how these rust patterns are so similar to actual land patterns. Perhaps the role of water in both has something to do with it? Either way I’m off to endlessly look at Star Trek planet guides.

Hydrant Planet 1 Hydrant Planet 12 Hydrant Planet 11 Hydrant Planet 10 Hydrant Planet 9 Hydrant Planet 8 Hydrant Planet 7 Hydrant Planet 6 Hydrant Planet 5 Hydrant Planet 4 Hydrant Planet 3 Hydrant Planet 2

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