If the Avengers Were Real, This is What Magazines Would Look Like

By on June 26, 2013

Developed by artist nottonyharrison, this collection of art assumes that the members of the Avengers are real and news magazines around the world are doing stories on them. Utilizing the full set of Avengers superheroes, magazines depicted in the series include Time, Newsweek, US Weekly, New York Magazine, Scientific American, Life&Style, In Touch and OK! Magazine.

In addition to the covers, the artist also dives deeper into a couple of the magazines and provide full page stories about each of the Avengers. Beyond the magazine art, nottonyharrison DeviantArt profile also includes a variety of Marvel related illustrations. You can take a look at those here.

Check out our favorite picks from the magazine covers and stories below:

New York Magazine Avengers Cover

Trashy In Touch Hawkeye Black Widow cover

Newsweek Iron Patriot cover

Life and Style Captain America Black Widow cover Hawkyeye sad

Bruce Banner Time Magazine cover

US Weekly Superhero Squad

Captain America Time magazine cover

Scientific American Hulk Smash Cancer story

Scientific American cover What Makes a Hero?

Who is Shield Time Magazine cover

Pepper Potts Forbes cover

OK Magazine story about Avengers

Tony Stark Iron Man Time magazine cover


Which one of the magazine covers is your favorite?e

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