Hadouken! meme explodes on the Internet

By on April 17, 2013

Breaking out in Japan recently, schoolgirls have started posting Street Fighter-style images of throwing imaginary Hadouken! lighting balls at each other. One girl will get into a pose of launching a lighting ball and anyone else around her will jump as if the lighting is striking them when the shot is taken. This “Hadouken special attack” is used by characters within the Street Fighter video game series as well as appearing in Mega Man X. Check out the images below to see what it looks like:


Hadouken-1 Hadouken-2 Hadouken-3 Hadouken-4 Hadouken-5 Hadouken-6 Hadouken-7 Hadouken-8 Hadouken-9 Hadouken-10 Hadouken-11 Hadouken-12 Hadouken-13 Hadouken-14 Hadouken-15

Bonus Picture: Vadering!


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