Detroit is the Once and Future Home of RoboCop

By on May 14, 2013

Detroit Needs RoboCopRoboCop & Detroit.  For some, the two are synonymous.  In recent years, Detroit has struggled to redefine itself through various car commercials. However, one thing has been missing, the ever vigilant RoboCop.

Fortunately, through one of the most relentless Kickstarter campaigns ever and with a dogged refusal to give in to the wishes of Detroit’s municipal government, RoboCop will once again rise out of the ashes of Detroit.  Never mind that upcoming film remake, this Robocop will be part man, part machine, and all bronze statue.

RoboCop Pre-production bits

Nearly $68,000 crowdfunded dollars are being poured into the 10-foot colossus.  The source comes licensed from MGM via Fred Barton Productions, which will supply you with a 1:1 scale RoboCop for your house for a mere $7,900. After working through multiple production phases involving 3D laser scanners and fabrication machines, the project has reached the point where the final product can be glimpsed.  Behold!  The bronze cast will come from this form and maintain this look.

RoboCop Statue Pre-production Scale

RoboCop Statue Pre-production

One detail remains unset.  At the project’s inception, it seemed like the statue would have to settle in whatever location would be willing to have it.  Fortunately, the tenor of the search for the statue’s exact home has almost completely changed.

Since the project leader, Imagination Station Detroit, vets possible sites, the future of Detroit as the home to a giant bronze RoboCop seems secure. Sadly though, while RoboCop is poised to stand watch over the Motor City, chances of another giant statue, say of ED-209, seem slim as there are several flights of stairs between ED-209 and a giant bronze ED-209 statue.

Don’t forget to check out exactly how Peter Weller feels about the project:

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