Camera Fun: Build Your Own Fuuvi NanoBlock

By on June 18, 2013

The Fuuvi NanoBlock

As if you didn’t have enough toys and accessories in your life, here is one that will capture your attention. Hehehe…okay I’ll stop.

Created by Japanese company Fuuvi, the NanoBlock Camera measures a tiny 64 × 15 × 32 millimeters. Using its proprietary Nano-Blok System — which is nothing AT ALL like LEGOs — you can build a functional toy camera of any desired size and shape. Build a low-profile spy cam, Polaroid replica, or even a camera with an attached tripod.

The Fuuvi NanoBlock Camera, Polaroid replica, many colors, attached tripod

The Fuuvi NanoBlock Camera features 2048 × 1536 resolution for still images and records 720 x 480 / 30fps video with audio. It also includes a Micro SD slot as well as a built-in USB port.

a Fuuvi NanoBlock sample image The Fuuvi NanoBlock sample images

Snag your NanoBlock Camera at the Four Corner Store for less than $55.

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